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It is sad for us to see our puppies go but we don't feel like we are loosing a puppy, we are gaining a family! We love updates on our puppies and look forward to photos and keeping in touch. Part of bringing a Lakylu Labrador into your home is reassurance that we are here to help along the way. We enjoy brags, photos and we want to know when you might have a concern or hiccup in your training too.

Keeping in touch is important to us as breeders! We will do what we can to help support you and your new puppy and answer questions you may have!

Jessi X Bentley
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Jesse X Cotton

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Cotton X Jessi
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Dazzle X Stone
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Dazzle X Stone

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Dazzle X Rider
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Dazzle X Rider
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"Mae" (Girl: Jesse X Cotton)

My family recently bought a Labrador puppy from Phillips Farm. I am hesitant to use the term bought because it really never felt like a transaction. It felt more like an adoption. A family member introduced us via a phone call after I had multiple letdowns with other recommended breeders. My first phone call with LaRena was a terrific experience. Without an awkward interview tone, we both were able to realize this was a great fit and wanted to proceed. Living in South Carolina, I had to trust her to an extent and hope she had our best interest in mind. I absolutely never doubted her motives and she coached me in the most mild manner through the process. I had never used a breeder for a family pet and didn’t want to act like an amateur or “waste” such a champion pedigree on a family pet. I did however want to deal with a knowledgeable seller and most importantly receive a healthy, happy, and loved puppy. LaRena and I spoke numerous times during the 2 week process and she was always available when I had questions. Weather it was what size of crate do I need or something more complex like vaccinations recommendations, she always spoke to me like a colleague. I learned a lot from her and since having little “Mae” with us she welcomed pictures and stories weekly. Mae is more than anything we could have ever imagined. She is everything LaRena said she was. She has the perfect temperament for a family with four young children and she is absolutely beautiful!
Thank you Phillips Farm and especially LaRena Phillips for giving us such a blessing.
Bryan and Mary Catherine McAlinden
Rock Hill, South Carolina

"Dallas" (Girl: Dazzle X Stone)

"Dallas" The fluffers has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. She’s my best friend, my lifelong companion, and I can’t imagine a world without her.
~ Tristen

"Cooper" (Boy: Dazzle X Rider)

He is in training for retriever work. The trainer said. "He is one of the smartest dogs his age they have seen in years." ~ Eric J.

"Indy" (Girl: Dazzle X Rider)

Thanks again for the support and such a great dog!

~Leslye P.

Update: Indy earned her Rally Novice Title in record time! Way to go Indy!

"Mica" (Boy: Dazzle X Stone)

When we suddenly lost our beautiful black lab, Bentley, a year ago, we were not sure if we were prepared for the challenge of bringing another puppy home. Yet, the love that labs brought us over the past years was something that we, undeniably, couldn’t be without. The breeder of our sweet boy, Bentley, was not expecting a litter very soon, but she told us about Larena whom she had mentored for quite some time. When we arrived at LaKylu kennels, we knew right away that we had made the right choice. We found Larena and her family to be very professional and, above all, responsible, breeders. Soon after we were heading home with little Mica beside us. In the past year Mica has matured and become an affectionate and sweet dog, and we could not be more pleased with our choice of breeder. Larena cares deeply about her breeding of healthy, beautiful, fun-loving dogs, and we strongly recommend her as your source for your next pet.

~ Susan Fabac - Texas

"Willow" (Girl: Jessi X Cotton)

We had been looking for a yellow lab puppy for over a year. Then luckily we found LaRena! This has been
the best experience ever! LaRena has a great set up and you can tell that she truly loves all her dogs and
puppies. She spent hours with us, letting us play with all the puppies while we tried to decide which one.
Any questions that I have are answered and we text back and forth with Willow pictures and updates. We
call LaRena Willow’s Grandma. Willow is the sweetest, brightest and most beautiful puppy. All the waiting
and searching were certainly worth it, we are beyond thrilled! Thank you LaRena for sharing your little girl
with us!

~Diane Sutter - Texas

"Rip" (Boy: Jessi X Bentley)

Today is his first birthday! He's been on 3 hunting trips and is getting better each time. Thank you! We love him!

~Kathy A. - Texas




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There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.
~Bernard Williams