Horse Show Judge- LaRena Phillips

Giving back to the industry is an important part of helping the industry grow. Becoming a carded judge with PtHA, ASHA and POAC allows me the opportunity to serve club locally and nationally. Located in North East Texas, I am available to judge Open Shows along with sanctioned PtHA, ASHA and POAC shows across the nation.

Specializing in Quarter & Paint and Ponies of Americas I have trained and shown many other breeds including Arabians, Tennessee Walkers, Paso Finos and American Saddlebreds. Being a PtHA Judge, (Pinto Horses Association), it is required to be knowledgeable of many different breeds of horses from miniature to utility horses.

I enjoy coaching local 4H and youth about judging horses and have coached 4H teams to State Championships and National Competition Championships including the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, APHA World Show, National Cutting Horse Association and Pinto World Champion Shows. 

Attended the International Judges Seminar (CBC) in 2022. 

For more information and available judging dates, please contact LaRena.

email:  | 214-7234-4951





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