Lessons Program at Phillips Farm

Instructor - LaRena Phillips

LaRena Phillips has been active in the horse industry from more than 35 years.  Starting out as a youth showing her faithful grade Arabian gelding at the county fair. She worked up the ranks with positive trainers to become one of the few youth to place in the competitive halter world in the Iowa show circuit.  Earning a Reserve Halter award in the aged mares at the age of 14.  Her passion for riding and horses didn't stop there, (much to her parents disappointment.)  Her showmanship skills and love for horses helped her to excel in many areas in the show arena. 

Mrs. Phillips is a top trainer of all-around equestrians. Her students have earned multiple local and national titles in various disciplines and breeds.  After taking a  break for motherhood and raising three wonderful children, she is now offering lessons and training on a limited basis. 

LaRena is a carded judge with the Pony Of the Americas and the Pinto Horse Association and has been actively judging for over 20 years in both open and breed associations. Her passion for teaching others to ride is evident in her volunteer work with 4H and serving at the Texas POAC President and Vice President for several years. . 

LaRena resides on the farm with her family. Husband, David helps with the horse breeding operation, loves to farm and grow hay and is the best dad any kid could have.  Their three children, LaKayla, Kylee and Lucas all are excellent riders and love riding.  They show on the  local and national level and have earned multiple awards in their respected divisions.  Horses are a family event at Phillips Farm and we love what we do! 

Riding Lesson and Training Rates
Riding lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders are available for 
Western and Hunt Seat and All-Around Performance.   

  • School horses/ponies are available
  • Negative (12 Month) Coggins on all horses entering the property

Lesson Rates -

  • youth/adults - $40/private lesson – provided or your own horse (1 hour)
  • youth/adults - $50/ private lesson – lesson horse/pony provided (1 hour)
  • Group Lessons –$40/lesson  Limited to 6 riders at a time.  Group lesson are for intermediate and advance riders only and may be a mix of intermediate and advance ( 1 ½ hours long)

Training/Boarding Rates -

  • Full Training and board at Phillips Farm - $800/month (horse worked 5 days per week)
  • Full Training and board with lessons - $1000/month (horse worked 5 days per week -1 lesson/week)
  • Partial Training and board at Phillips Farm- $500/month (horse worked 3 days per week)
  • Partial Training and board with lessons - $750/month (horse worked 3 days per week -1 lesson/week)
  • Board Only - $350/month

Beginner Lessons – Beginner lessons are for individuals learning how to ride.  Instruction includes basic horse care, haltering and how to tack up (saddle) your horse.  Students must be a minimum of 5 years of age.  Beginner Lessons are available in western or hunt seat style.   Beginner lessons are private lessons only and the student will receive one on one Winnersinstruction.   Lessons are 1 hour in length and the lesson included handling and tacking of the horse or pony. 

Advanced Beginner Lessons - Advanced beginners know how to groom and saddle their own horse/pony.  They are riding fairly independently at the walk and trot and are ready to learn how to canter/lope. Advanced beginners can ride in small group lessons of 3 students to enhance their riding ability.  A combination of private and group lessons are recommended for this division of rider.  Tacking (saddling) is done during lesson time. 

Intermediate Rider Lessons – Intermediate rider lessons are for independent riders that have moved out of the beginner program.  They can tack (saddle) horse independently, and ride at a walk and trot independently in the main arena.  Western and Hunt Seat styles are taught and the focus on our intermediate lessons is horsemanship and equitation.  Riders learn proper seat and hand positions, how to maneuver patterns and tail obstacles an can attend small local horse shows.   Private Intermediate Lessons are 1 hour in length. Please arrive 15 minutes early to groom and tack your horse prior to your lesson.  

Advance Rider Lessons – Advanced rider lesson are for independent riders that are ready to learn more.  They are confident at the walk, trot and canter (lope) in the large outdoor arena. .   Lessons in advanced, horsemanship, equitation, trail, hunter hack, showmanship and all-around completion.  Riders are eager to advance their skills and prepare to show or excel in the show ring. Private Advanced Lessons are 1 hour in length.   Please arrive 15 minutes early to groom and tack your horse prior to your lesson.  

Why Group Lessons? – Group lessons are available to simulate a show environment and teach riders and horses to work together as a group.  Riders ride together on the rail at a walk, trot and canter/lope to learn proper cadence, rail position, how to pass properly and improve ring etiquette.  Riders also work independently on patterns for horsemanship and equitation and learn by watching others rider and being critiqued.  We strongly encourage group lessons to help foster relations with other riders and to learn how to ride with others.  Group lesson are available for intermediate and advance riders only.  Group lesson are 1 ½ hours long (sometimes 2 -so please allow for extra time.) Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to groom and tack your horse prior to your lesson.  

Training – We offer full and partial training for western pleasure, hunt seat and trail.  Horses that have advance from a starter program and need finishing for western or hunt seat are welcome.  We do tune ups on older show horses and provide foundational training for yearlings and two year olds.  .  We occasionally start young horse under saddle please contact us for availability and rates.

Showing – We love to show and feel it is a great way to advance your skills as a rider.  Showing  helps you set goals, find out how you are doing, ride with others and become a well-rounded equestrian.  Showing your horse is not a requirement in our program.  We offer instruction and day help at shows on a local and national level.  Competing with your horse is fun and brings the sport of riding full circle. 
 Lesson Application
 Liability Release
 Barn Rules

Schedule a visit!  - It is mandatory to schedule a visit with us prior to your first riding lesson.  We like to meet all prospective students and just have some time to visit and show you around.  Paperwork will be filled out at this time and your first lesson scheduled.  There is no charge for this first visit!  Email Us at larena@phillipsfarm.com or give us a call at 214-734-4951 to schedule a visit!  Thank you!






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